Top 10 Most Poisonous Snakes in the World

Snake venom kills around thousands each year all over the globe. The toxins have capability to attack different parts of the body part targeted and killing a human within few minutes.

Interesting thing is these venoms have highly variable compositions and this is true even for a single species of snakes. It is reported that variation in the composition directly reflects the prey which snakes eat.

Researches have already shown that snake venom evolves mainly to kill and subdue prey. A type of venom may be best in killing a specific species but meantime there can be another variation which is more toxic to different prey. This is the best example of evolution in natural selection.

Let’s a look at 10 most poisonous snakes on earth.

1 Dubois’s Sea Snake

This is one of the disloyal swimming snakes and it is found mainly in coasts of northern and western Australia to the New Caledonia and New Guinea islands. This snake has one among the deadliest venoms which were ever known, best thing is its bite can deliver just 1/10th milligram, not enough to kill human beings.

2 Coastal Taipan

This is one of the most poisonous snakes and it is also regarded as one among the most dangerous snakes in Australia. These snakes are extremely alert and nervous, any movement in their area will definitely trigger an attack. Like most of the poisonous snakes even Taipan always prefers and tries avoiding any conflicts and it will definitely slip away if there is chance. The venom of this snake can kill human beings in few minutes.

3 Forest Cobra

Forest cobra highly nervous, alert, and they are highly dangerous. When they feel threatened, they will appear in cobra typica warning posture. They raise their front body from the ground and spread their hood completely and hiss loudly.

4 Russell’s Viper

This snake is one of the highly dangerous snakes in entire Asia. Russell’s snake is responsible for over thousands of deaths on annual basis. The bite of this snake can result in dangerous symptoms like nausea, swelling, and even kidney failure. This is one of the serpents which humans should not mess with.

5 Bothrops Asper

Bothrops asper is one of the nocturnal snakes which can be found in lowland habits and even near human dwellings. It is considered quite dangerous due to the proximity to humans, especially in Costa Rica. This snake is the reason behind over 50% of snake bites in Costa Rica. This comes under the category of under highly fast snakes and it is highly irritable as well.

6 Many-Banded Krait

Many-Banded Krait is one among the highly venomous snakes in Asia and this comes under the category of land snakes. This species was first described in 1861 by a scientist named Edward Blyth. The venom of this snake is capable to kill 2 dozen men. This snake seems docile, it can attach humans from many directions quickly.

7 Eastern Green Mamba

Like any other mamba, even green mamba is dangerously venomous. The single venom bite of this snake can easily kill many people. The worst part is the venom of this snake directly affects the nervous system in victims. The bite of this snake can easily progress and result in life-threatening symptoms which even include cardiac arrest and respiratory paralysis.

8 Western Green Mamba

This snake is highly nervous, alert, and extremely agile. This is mainly found in the coastal tropical rain forest, woodland regions, and thickest regions of western Africa. Like any other mamba, even this western green mamba can result in terrible bite. The venom of this snake can kill many humans in few minutes.

9 Viper

Viper is the species that comes at the top of the list when we consider most venomous reptiles all over the world. These snakes always eat small rodents. They envenomate and strike and through this they hunt their prey. These actions can paralyze prey easily. These snake bites to humans are found to be dry bites, they just extend fangs and do not release venom.

10 Jararaca

This venomous snake is found in heavily and wealthy populated areas in southeastern Brazil. These species are the habitat of deciduous and evergreen forests, many bites of Jararaca are well-documented in urban settings as well. The bite of this snake results in systemic bleeding from all over the skin, swelling, death due to shock, and other severe conditions.

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