Top 10 Most Poisonous Snakes in the World

Snake venom kills around thousands each year all over the globe. The toxins have capability to attack different parts of the body part targeted and killing a human within few minutes.

Interesting thing is these venoms have highly variable compositions and this is true even for a single species of snakes. It is reported that variation in the composition directly reflects the prey which snakes eat.

Researches have already shown that snake venom evolves mainly to kill and subdue prey. A type of venom may be best in killing a specific species but meantime there can be another variation which is more toxic to different prey. This is the best example of evolution in natural selection.

Let’s a look at 10 most poisonous snakes on earth.

1 Dubois’s Sea Snake

This is one of the disloyal swimming snakes and it is found mainly in coasts of northern and western Australia to the New Caledonia and New Guinea islands. This snake has one among the deadliest venoms which were ever known, best thing is its bite can deliver just 1/10th milligram, not enough to kill human beings.

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