Top 10 Most Famous Fashion Brands in The World

The invention of fashion has led to the birth of various fashion industries that currently bring forth an essential style statement in the business. Contributing to millions of dollars, the top brands are likely serving the trends that are followed by half of the population in the world. Most of the shoppers look up to these brands for inspiring and creating their own sense of style.

According to The Lyst Index, below are the top 10 hottest and most trending fashion brands in the world as of today.

1 Gucci

On the list of top 10 fashion brands in the world, Gucci stands to be on the 1st, increasing its overall profit by around 20%. The sale of Gucci bags as well as Gucci shoes have been overwhelming and customers love the quality and the style that the brand brings forth to its shoppers. With some of the coolest appearances in Gucci being made by none other than Harry Styles, the campaigns have listed more effective in terms of promoting better sales.

2 Off-White

Off-White is Italian streetwear and also a luxury fashion brand created by American fashion designer Virgil Abloh based in Milan, Italy. It is popular for its men’s T-Shirt collection. Along with that, the high profile clothes created has doubled the reputation of the brand and therefore, shoppers are very much into the balanced texture that the clothes of this brand stand for.

3 Balenciaga

One of the most iconic fashion statements that have taken the market by storm, Balenciaga’s ugly shoe is on the list of becoming a top priority fashion that has touched all of the famous ramps of the world. With the sale of Balenciaga shoes in the recent market, an overall increase in profit has left the brand to launch several other collections as well, the public response was also effective.

4 Givenchy

Givenchy gained its most popularity after its famous wedding gown worth millions of dollars was worn by the Royal Princess Meghan Markel. Since then, one can look at the brand for its authentic designer dresses, along with shoes, bags and other accessories. Even the profit of the brand has reached new heights with its free line sales.

5 Dolce and Gabbana

One of the topmost Italian fashion brands that are on the list of all celebrity styles is none other than Dolce and Gabbana. This brand made its statement with the most famous black shimmery gown that stole half of the glances and placed more than half of the profits into the race. Its fashion statement is stylish and glamorous and all of the collection boast of originality.

6 Vetements

It is a French brand of clothing and footwear collection incepted by fashion designer Demna Gvasalia in the year 2014. After the famous model Kardashian Kim wearing an oversized suit, the gaze of other shoppers has actually never stopped on Vetements. Since then, the brand has actually never stopped in terms of its sales as well as the fruitful collections that are displayed in each one of the Vetements stores.

7 Versace

From the Met Gala to the Red Carpet, Versace has always been on the list of some of the top coolest fashion brands in the world. With more than a quarter-million of profit earned in a year, Versace’s glamorous collection of bags as well as shoes cannot be imitated. With famous celebrities like Kylie Jenner, lady gaga rocking in some of the Versace bags, the brand is popular for selling customized bags that are hand-stitched and made of authentic leather.

8 Fendi

The style of Fendi is again on the softer side and with fresh faces of the brand like Rihanna; the overall profit has likely doubled. The winter collection of Fendi is the most talked-about the collection, and no one can ignore the softness and the durability that the material focuses.

9 Nike

The brand was founded as an importer of Japanese shoes in the year 1968. Its recent collaborations with fashion icons like Kendell and Kylie Jenner, have tip-topped to being more stylish as well as comfortable at the same time.

10 Prada

This brand is known for its authentic inventiveness and its classic accessories that are made of nylon, considered to be a top favourite of all major celebrities. Prada has consistently made its position into the top 10 categories and thus, its collections have bought in a great amount of profit with significant sales outgrowth.

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