Top 10 Deep Sea Mysteries That Still Remain Unsolved

“The ocean is 95% unexplored, unknown, unseen by human eyes.” 

Those large, beautiful bodies of water are home to an infinite number of strange creatures, and bewildering phenomena. The average ocean depth is 14,000 feet deep, which leaves a lot of room for the mysterious, the mythical and everything in between. Till now, there are a lot of deep sea mysteries can not be sovlved or explained by scientists.

1 Gulf of Mexico Shipwreck

Researchers testing equipment in the Gulf of Mexico inadvertently discovered the 200-year-old wreckage of a ship earlier in May, 2019. The long-lost vessel lies about 1,460 feet below the surface of the water, along a long, underwater cliff known as the Florida Escarpment.  Researchers haven’t been able to confirm details about the boat’s nationality, crew, rig or trade, the NOAA reported. However, the numbers “2109” were nailed to the edge of the ship’s rudder, and some iron and copper artifacts were spotted near the vessel.

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