Top 10 Best Paying Jobs for Women

Women are taking part in all kinds of jobs nowadays and it is a tremendous change in the recent century. The mentality of some people which describes that a few jobs are not suitable for women has been changed. Women tend to show higher accuracy and result in whatever job they are employed. Every woman is born with the talent of multi-tasking and can do a job perfectly.

There are many careers which a woman can choose and get the best salary. Below are the top 10 best paying jobs for women ranking from number ten to one.

10 Human Resources Manager

The human resource management is the important department in any organization. The HR personnel is the person who recruits the right talent for the organization. Hence there are many such offers which provide the best salary to the women.

9 Engineering Manager

There are many branches of engineering and women are striving in this field to become the best ones. The engineer is the next good paying job and you can get the best job after a bachelor’s degree. The carrier can be started as a trainee and she can grow to the top level in an organization within a few years.

8 Physician

It is an evergreen job that has demand at any time. The physician also plays a good amount to women and naturally, a woman tends to take care of fellow humans. Any specializations in this field help in diagnosing and providing treatments to the patients. This has a huge demand and hence women can get good pay in this field.

7 Software Development

The field of software development is one of the highest paying jobs and especially for women with required skills, it can be a treasure. It pays off well for the hard work invested by women. There are higher chances of entering into this field after completing an engineering degree related to this field.

6 Lawyer

There are a large number of women working as a lawyer and it is one of the best paying jobs in the world. A woman with a law degree can get the required job anywhere in the world easily. The legal team and its members are important for giant organizations and millionaires of an area.

5 Systems Manager

The system-related projects are analyzed, coordinated, implemented, and devised by these managers. The women have a greater capacity to reach this position in any IT company. This is a high paying job and for women, it is easy to handle as a better team player.

4 Practicing Nurse

The nurse practitioner is responsible for taking care of the welfare of patients. Women with the relevant certificate can work for a physician, or organization, or an independent nurse. The annual income of a nurse can be up to $80k.

3 Strategy Manager

A strategy manager is an upper-level professional who forms and implements goals and projects on behalf of their company. This is a well paid job for women.

2 Pharmacist

The medication and drug to the patients are handled only by the pharmacists. The women in this field can get very decent annual income. The job is simple once getting relevant skills and certificate to practice.


It is the topmost position in an organization and the highest paying responsibility in the world. With dedication and hard work, women can reach this position in an organization or company. In a management pyramid, the CEO is the highest position residing at the peak with the highest income.

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