This Is What The Cast Of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Looks Like In Real Life

The Big Bang Theory cast suffers from something we like to call the Superman Effect, where they take off their glasses, gel their hair, and put on some spandex, and they’re suddenly a totally different person. Johnny Galecki is to Leonard Hofstadter what Superman is to Clark Kent. This could happen to anyone, but the beautiful actors on The Big Bang Theory are put in such terrible outfits and purposefully made to look worse than they actually are so that any of the viewers could actually believe they’re unassuming geeks. Doesn’t it make you wonder what Johnny, Jim Parsons, Kunal Nayyar, and the rest of the gang look like IRL? Let’s take a look now!

Character: Sheldon Cooper

A genius with a high IQ and low social skills, theoretical physicist Sheldon Cooper has become less robotic — though not much less neurotic — over the course of the series. We still love him, anyway! (By the way, the best Sheldon moment still remains the Leonard Nimoy napkin/gift basket exchange with Penny.)

Played By: Jim Parsons

After many years of working in TV, “The Big Bang Theory” made Jim Parsons a star. He is originally from Houston and has appeared in films like “Hidden Figures” and “The Muppets.” He married his long-time partner Todd Spiewak in May 2017.

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