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    Top 10 Most Famous Fashion Brands in The World

    The invention of fashion has led to the birth of various fashion industries that currently bring forth an essential style statement in the business. Contributing to millions of dollars, the top brands are likely serving the trends that are followed by half of the population in the world. Most of the shoppers look up to […] More

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    Top 10 Best Paying Jobs for Women

    Women are taking part in all kinds of jobs nowadays and it is a tremendous change in the recent century. The mentality of some people which describes that a few jobs are not suitable for women has been changed. Women tend to show higher accuracy and result in whatever job they are employed. Every woman […] More

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    What It’s Like To Live With $10,000,000+

    NOTE: This is taken from Reddit, but it’s one of the most fascinating, yet spot on post I’ve ever read – it’s certainly worth your time to read and I couldn’t help but share it here (I edited to make it easier to read and added images) For some reason, I attract these people into […] More