9 Best Things to Do in Cambridge: Top Tourist Attractions in East Anglia University Town

The university town of Cambridge is less than 60 miles from London and easily reached for a day visit by train from King’s Cross Station (of Harry Potter fame) or by driving out on the M11 motorway.

To choose the top 9 things to do in this ancient town on the edge of East Anglia isn’t easy, as there are so many visitor attractions, not least its many old colleges. Most of these can be visited outside of term time, though a lot of them now charge an admission fee after many years – centuries even – of being free for visitors. If it’s the colleges which especially interest you, then avoid the examination period of April-June. Try to check in advance if the colleges are open (many have websites), as they are a major part of any visit to Cambridge.

9 of the best things to see and do in Cambridge are:

1 The Backs

If visiting in spring or summer, don’t miss the Backs, which are quite simply the backs of the colleges, beside the River Cam. These green and open areas are filled with colorful flowers, and shady trees.

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