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10 Most Attractive Female Celebrities in Hollywood

Do you watch Hollywood movies? Do you know Hollywood actress and actresses? Do you know about the most attractive and charming celebrities of Hollywood? This article is about these questions.

USA is the land where is the most movie maker city in the world situated. Here in the Hollywood, the entertainment capital of the world, comes all beautiful girls from all over the world. The thought of becoming a Hollywood celebrity attracts them toward Hollywood.

Here is the top 10 attractive female beauties of Hollywood. There is no particular order. They brighten the day with their smiles. Their eyes take everyone into a trance. They rule over millions of hearts. These celebrities are beautiful, sexy, lovely, and graceful. Millions of people and fans love them.

1 Megan Fox

Megan Fox is at the top of the list, who is famous for her sensibility and grace. She attracts everyone in the US and is considered to be a hot babe. She is a sex symbol, has appeared on countless magazine covers. She is also the dream of young boys and a celebrity to be featured on almost all the title pages of fashion magazines.

2 Scarlett Johansson

She is called the blonde bombshell. Scarlett belongs to one of the most attractive females of Hollywood. She is a talented lady too. She stays away from yellow journalism and tabloids. She is beautiful, charming, and the most lovable celebrity. She is attractive from all angles. Her figure attracts young students.

3 Angelina Jolie

She is gorgeous and the most attractive female celebrities in Hollywood. She loves kids. She is also a businesswoman and the right hand of actor Brad Pitt. She works for UNICEF charities and UNHCR. The world was shocked at the divorce between Jolie and Pitt in 2018.

4 Beyonce Knowles

She is everywhere. You have her in music, movies, and shows. She is married to rap star Jay-z. She retains the title of World’s Most Beautiful Woman. Her foundation helped Hurricane Katrina victims.

5 Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron is Academy Award winner. Her performance in Monster was the cause of Oscar award for this movie. Her performance was considered unique in the history of cinema. She helps the people of South Africa. Her foundation supports the poor people of the region. Everyone loves her for her work and the most beautiful eyes among celebrities.

6 Shakira

Her hips are an expression of her charm and grace. This Columbian singer has won several music awards and is a famous singer. She also has a single about sexiest hips ever.  She has worked for the benefits of young children. She supports some charities for this cause. She recorded the theme song of world cup 2010. She is loved for her music and her work for children and education.

7 Jessica Alba

She is known as a dark angel and kicks ass. She is an advocate of charity and is a regular supporter of a charitable cause. She will work for free if her producer donates for Amfar, a charitable organization. She is a sex symbol and is ranked among most desirable women. She is also enlisted in the top sexiest women. She is loved for her grace and beautiful face.

8 Eva Mendes

She is a versatile American singer, actress, and model. She is also a selling home wear and fashion designer.  She is lovely and gorgeous. She has a flaw. That is she is the hugest overbite. According to her, she looked like a bottle opener in her childhood. She has big hips though she is slimmer. She is the most attractive Hollywood celebrity. Her daughter also follows her in beauty and is among the ten beautiful girls in the world.

9 Andriana Lima

She is hottest of the actresses. This supermodel is the dream of every teenage boy. She is the love of college students. Guys go wild to see her. She is catholic and reads a bible backstage during fashion shows. She’s now married to Serbian Marko Jarić and gave birth to a daughter last year.

10 Selma Hayek

Selma is a Mexican actress. Everyone who watches Hollywood movies knows her. She played a lot of roles in TV shows and movies. She is not only beautiful and gorgeous but also known for her sarcasm and funny expressions. She is a supporter of the anti-domestic violence movement and has a passion for improving the lives of the victims.

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