10 Different Kinds of Kisses That You Need to Know About Their Actual Meaning

The word kiss is very familiar to all age group people in the world. It is just a way of expressing our love on someone we just meet or someone we love. Kissing will vary according to the instances. By kissing our loved ones, we will get an awesome feeling and even we feel that our stress got away. If two small children then their way of kissing will be different. The same if the adults do then their style will be totally different. Let’s see 10 different kinds of kisses and their actual meanings.

Kissing has so many benefits.

  • Burn calories
  • Help to keep our facial muscles very strong
  • Natural Stress and tension reliever
  • Enhance our immunity power

These are some of the benefits you will get from kissing. Usually, people will close their eyes when they kiss their opponent person. This is because their vision could not see the person’s face who is very close to them. This is a medically proven statement and everyone is glad to accept the fact.

Here’s some tips for being a good kisser.

  • Lips should not be dry. Better try to keep your lips moisturized
  • Do not eat sticky foods before kissing
  • Always have mouth freshener or mint in hands
  • Just go along with your partner in kissing. Let him take a lead and you just follow him

In most of the time, kissing is a good way to express love and feeling to someone, however there are still many different types of kisses with different meanings. Let’s take a look at the 10 different types of kisses and their actual meaning.

1 Forehead Kiss

Generally kiss is a way to show how much love someone has on us. The forehead kiss mostly denotes the care and respect one has on us and also it is a sign of affection. If we are not in a good mood or health wise if we suffer then our partner will kiss on our forehead and say I am there for you. This shows the care and the support our partner is giving us. This forehead kiss is very valuable because one forehead kiss is equivalent to thousand lip kisses.

2 Lip Kiss

Lip kiss is only between life partners or lovers. There are so many nerves which are present in the lips and tongues. If our lover presses our lips while kissing then the nerve present in the lips will create dizzying sensations. It is really an awesome experience.

3 Earlobe Kiss

Earlobe kiss is romantic. It is usually given when the lovers or the couples are romantically involved. It is a kind of great feeling and not given to everyone rather than the lover or life partner.

4 Cheek Kiss

It is actually a common greeting between two women or two men or between men and women, in order to show a token of love you have on them. It is also a symbol of expressing our love and affection on them.

5 Neck Kiss

Neck has so many nerves when compared to the other parts of the body. When someone tries to kiss you on your neck then it shows that they really need you for sex. Also, neck kiss will create goose-bumps because this area is very sensitive. Usually, couples will share their love by giving a neck kiss.

6 Hand Kiss

Hand kiss is usually given when someone proposes, besides, it can be given to clarify the doubt whether the concerned person is committed or not. Before starting to love each other, this hand kiss is considered to be the initial stage of confirmation.   

7 French Kiss

French kiss is also known as a deep kiss. Here each other tongue tries to touch each other lips or tongue. It will stimulate the nerve and the hormonal changes happening between them will make each other have sexual related feelings. French kiss will increase the sexual feelings.  

8 Chin Kiss

Babies often give chin kisses to their mother and the father. It is actually a beautiful feeling of getting kisses from our babies. Also, it is given by our lover or our life partner, they will go one step ahead and bite our chin followed by the kisses on the chin. It is also a kind of romantic feeling which everyone will have.

9 Butterfly Kiss

Butterfly kiss is nothing a kiss which makes your lover feel as if the butterfly came and sat on his/her face. During this kiss, he/she might keep their eyes close to their partner’s face. While fluttering the eyes on his/her cheeks then they might feel as if the butterfly is sitting on their face.

10 Air Kiss

This is a friendship or a respect kiss. This kiss is done by resting the cheeks on or even near to someone’s cheeks and then producing a sound of a kiss. All the celebrities send their love towards fans through this type of air kiss.

On a side note: When Is International Kissing Day?

Every July 6, the world celebrates ‘International Kissing Day’. And It was established in 2006.

Our wish: Kiss whomsoever you like and enjoy your life.

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